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  • Yuci Yuken laminated relief valve MBB-03-H-30
Yuci Yuken laminated relief valve MBB-03-H-30

Yuci Yuken laminated relief valve MBB-03-H-30

Yuci Yuken laminated relief valve MBB-03-H-30

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Laminated relief valve MBP-02B/MBP-02C/MBP-02H Laminated relief valve MBP-03B/MBP-03C/MBP-03H Laminated relief valve MBP-04B/MBP-04C/MBP-04H Laminated relief valve MBP-06B/MBP-06C/MBP-06H Laminated relief valve MBA-02B/MBA-02C/MBA-02H Laminated relief valve MBA-03B/MBA-03C/MBA-03H Laminated relief valve MBA-04B/MBA-04C/MBA-04H Laminated relief valve MBA-06B/MBA-06C/MBA-06H Laminated relief valve MBB-02B/MBB-02C/MBB-02H Laminated relief valve MBB-03B/MBB-03C/MBB-03H Laminated relief valve MBB-04B/MBB-04C/MBB-04H Laminated relief valve MBB-06B/MBB-06C/MBB-06HLaminated relief valve MBW-02B/MBW-02C/MBW-02H Laminated relief valve MBW-03B/MBW-03C/MBW-03H Laminated relief valve MBW-04B/MBW-04C/MBW-04H Laminated relief valve MBW-06B/MBW-06C/MBW-06H

Structure and principle of laminated relief valve:
Laminated relief valve is the use of differential pressure at the ends of the main valve core to move the main valve core, so as to change the opening of valve port, the oil chamber and inlet P e, C and oil return T mutually, the pressure oil to the main valve core 6 right side, at the same time by the damping holes d into the valve core is left, and the holes a role on the cone valve 3, when the system pressure below the relief valve setting pressure, cone valve 3 closed and damping holes do not flow through the d, the fluid pressure equal on both ends of the main valve core, valve core is in the closed position under the action of a spring 5; When the system pressure rises and reaches the set value of the overflow valve, cone valve 3 compresses the pilot valve spring 2 under the action of hydraulic pressure and opens the valve port. Then 6 cavity oil by the cone valve mouth and c into T hole, when the oil through the damping hole d on the main valve core, and generate differential pressure, the main producing pressure difference on both ends of the valve core, under the action of the pressure difference, the main valve core to overcome the spring force and friction force moving to the left, make the valve opened mouth, relief valve was realized under a certain pressure relief. Adjust the precompression of spring 2 to change the regulating pressure of the laminated relief valve.

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