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YUKEN Rubber DSG-03

YUKEN Rubber DSG-03

 YUKEN Rubber DSG-03

Working principle and structure of solenoid directional valve DSG-03-2B2-A220 in hydraulic system
Hydraulic solenoid directional valve DSG-03-3C2-A220 is used to control the hydraulic fluid is a component of the hydraulic system is a heavy actuator. The main function of the hydraulic solenoid  valve is to control the direction of hydraulic flow, most of the mechanical devices are generally used to control the hydraulic cylinder, need to use the hydraulic solenoid valve.

Working principle of hydraulic solenoid valve DSG-03-3C4-A220:
In the hydraulic solenoid valve of the closed chamber weight, different positions open through holes, each hole with a different tubing. There is a piston in the middle of the chamber. The electromagnet is on both sides of the piston. When the magnet coil is connected, the valve body will be attracted to the electrified coil. Control the movement of the spool by the energizing coil to open or close the different oil holes. Oil inlet hole is usually open, hydraulic oil into different drainage tubing, the pressure of hydraulic oil to push the cylinder piston, piston rod driven by the piston, the mechanical device is pushed by the piston rod, through the control of the power on and off coil to control the mechanical movement.

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