Reducing valve principle

Reducing valve principle
Principle of action: pressure reducing valve is to rely on the flow channel in the valve to reduce the local resistance of water pressure, the range of water pressure drop by connecting the valve disc film or piston on both sides of the inlet and outlet water pressure difference automatically adjust. The principle of constant pressure reduction is controlled by the hydraulic pressure ratio of floating piston in valve body. The pressure relief valve works smoothly without vibration; There is no spring in the valve body, so there is no spring corrosion and metal fatigue failure. Good sealing performance without leakage, so both dynamic pressure reduction (when water flow) and static pressure reduction (when the flow rate is 0); Especially in reducing pressure without affecting water flow.
Working principle: the pressure reducing valve is a control valve open-close part of the opening in the body to adjust the flow of the medium, the medium pressure is reduced, at the same time with the aid of the role of the valve after pressure adjust the opening of open-close part, keep the valve after pressure within a certain range, and the valve body or valve after the injection of cooling water, reduce the temperature of medium, the valve is called desuperheating valve to relieve stress. Pressure relief valve fast easy optimal automatic selection is included. The characteristic of the valve is to keep the outlet pressure and temperature within a certain range in the case of changing inlet pressure.
Although the water flow through the pressure-reducing valve has a large head loss, it is still energy saving on the whole because of reducing water waste, making the flow distribution of the system reasonable, improving the system layout and working conditions. Medium for the occasion of steam, should choose the pilot piston type pressure reducing valve or pilot bellows type pressure reducing valve. For ease of operation, adjustment and maintenance, pressure relief valves should generally be installed in horizontal piping.

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